Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Talking about shoes

I'm really happy about these baby shoes I made. They can be worn reversed, depending on what you like and what it fits with!
The pink pair will go to my shop at DaWanda, cause I don't have a baby girl...
The blue will stay here. They were the first I made and didn't work out very well, 'cause the idea of making them reversible came when they were already done, so the handsewed inside is not really done 'with love'.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


At the moment I'm working hard on some more of my tissue holders. I ran out of polymer clay to mould buttons, so I have to wait until the postman will bring my order and sit down, putting feet up and twiddle my thumbs.
Meanwhile I could show you my favourite shoes:

They are from CAMPER, which has a line called "twins", where the left allways looks different from the right shoe. I really like them, but I changed the button, I thougt this one was nicer. They should be cleaned soon. You know what I use for it? - Lipstick!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

First of all...

...I would like to say "Hello" to this big blogger-community which I like so much and am really exited to join, now.
It took me quite a few weeks to decide starting- and then establish- my own blog, 'cause what
vintage plaesure expresses in her blog is exactly how I feel about it. But all the comments there encouraged me to do it , nevertheless. Although your creativity intimidates me a bit...
I decided to go here with English, 'cause most blogs I like are and I catch myself thinking English when I'm busy with some crafy stuff.
Maybe I'll change this later again, when I find out nobody understands me or words fail me, literally. So excuse me faults, please!
Anyway, I like to have a blog at least for myself to archive things and thoughts I make ,so I don't have to think it over and over again.

Reviving my hidden pleasures and talents started about three months ago. While nursing my baby and thinking about how to bridge the financial hole between his first birthday- when government stops paying "parentsmoney" which they recently shortened from 2 to 1 year- and his entrance to nursery school with 18 months giving me time to go work outdoors.
So, there should be an opportunity to earn some money while keeping the house and one thing- at least- I can do is sewing!
I made a couple of tissue-bags 'cause I like them so much and think everybody should have one.
I also think this will be the only stuff I will ever give to sell.

Instead, inspired by all of You lovely crafters I spend lots of money (if hubby knew...) to buy nice fabrics and all kinds of accessories, sewing or crafting somehow one prototype after the other which I wouldn't sell because I like them too much, myself.
Time to re-do is rare, having three lovely boys aged 10 years, 5 years and soon 5 months, who wants to be fed, dressed, entertained, hugged and so on...

In short words, throwing all insecurities and ifs or buts overboard, I finally dared to enter here and we'll see, if I can make it.

Soon more...