Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flea market finds

Last weekend we've been to a flea market and I found some realy nice buttons.
(I'm not going to tell the story about how my baby grabbed some and took them to his mouth...)
Because I think I won't be able to give them away I'll make some rings for myself.

This is the first one and it took me hours to choose and combine... But I like how it worked out:

It's really fun and the kids were busy for a while, too!

I also found this very nice cross stitched picture which was "prisoned" behind glass. I prefered to free it and have it pure on the wall in the babys room.

Cross stitching is something else on my to do list, I really like it but more things are waiting to be finished, first. In advent time I will post my big cross stich project I did about three years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, was für ein tolles Bild!
Das hätte ich auch mitgenommen! :]